Monday, February 16, 2009

What a wonderful life!

To catch up:
Tuesday - Bella and I attended MOPS which is always a good time. I have meet some really wonderful people through MOPS both here and back in Jacksonville. It give Bella some time to be with other kids and me some much needed adult interaction.

Wednesday - I took Bella to day care for the first time. I think I was more unsure about all of it then she was. This is not an everyday thing just on occasion as I had Day 1 of L.I.N.K.S Mentor training. Taking this class will allow me to help mentor to other spouses all about the Marine Corps. It was a really good class and on Friday I have a presentation and Bella had a blast.

Thursday - I had our 34 week Doctors appointment. I was sad Marcus was busy but Bella was amazing for me. We counted all the babies in a magazine while we waited. I am currently measuring 35 weeks. My Doctor said I was boring and nothing exciting is happening. I am okay with being boring. We go back in two weeks and then every week after that until Paul makes his grand entrance.

Friday - I had my L.I.N.K.S presentation and Bella went to the day care again. My presentation went splendid. I finished earlier then I thought and Marcus had already picked up Bella and taken her to his office. Nothing is funnier then walking into a room with 3 men who are totally caught up playing with a child. She was having a blast.

Saturday - Valentines' Day - Bella had to have been feeling the love with packages from all grandparents and her gift of love from us. She recieved some really cute things her favorite having to be the lip shaped purse from Nan and Pops and the cowboy boots from Grandee and Gramps. We ate heart shaped sandwiches for lunch and finished the day with heart shaped pancakes for dinner courtesy of Marcus. Once Bella went down Marcus and I had Valentines' Day to ourselves and watched the movie Fireproof. We both agreed it was a really good movie. I also made chocolate covered strawberries as a special treat. What a wonderful day spent with the ones I love.

Sunday - The nesting has begun. I could not do enough laundry or organizing. I am trying to get everything in order before Paul arrives or better yet before my Mom gets here so that I can enjoy the quality time.

That is it. I am still trying to find my camera cord then pictures will follow.

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Julie said...

Fireproof...the movie Matt finally was able to find, yet we still haven't watched yet...even though we already did the study! LOL.

I will try really hard to remember to bring my camera cord tomorrow! And, I agree, the nesting has begun!!! :)