Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I have been so bad at not posting since Paul has arrived. Adjusting to being the mother of two has been a challenge. We are just now getting the hang of things. My mom was a blessing the first month of Paul's life by helping me with everything and anything. When she left all things were then on me again. I would like to say that I have handled it all in stride. But if we could have GeeGee back we would take her in a heartbeat.

Paul is growing so much and developing more each day. He is my little man and I love him so. My Princess Bella is such a wonderful Big Sister. We have been enjoying time in our pool since it has been so nice out. (Pictures will be coming)

We are all getting ready to head home for a much needed vacation. This will be the first time that Marcus has been home since October 2007. He is very excited to be going. We will be attending two wedding while we are home. His little brother Aaron is getting married to a wonderful woman. We could not be happier to be welcoming Kim into the family. Bella is going to be the flower girl in a precious dress that my mom made. We are currently going through a dress phase so she will be extra excited to get to wear such a fluffy dress. We will also be attending the wedding of my cousin. We will also be spending quality time with both sides of our family.

We will be reunited with our first baby, Maisy. She went home with my parents so that we would not have the worry of getting home with her and two babies. We sure miss her and Bella is always asking were Sissy is. She will be extra excited. This is enough of an update for now. I will post more pictures and hopefully be more regular in posting.


Julie said...

Can't wait until you're back home again and getting into the swing of playdates! :)

I know it's so wonderful to visit with friends and family after so long...and to show off your new precious little bundle and beautiful princess!

Can't wait to see pictures of her in that beautiful dress! Your mom is so talented!


Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Your son is precious and you just won the blanket as #35 on my blog anniversary!

Email me so I can make sure the blue and brown minky blanket gets to you!

Blessings and nice to meet you!