Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why so absent?

Its been too long since our last post. So much has happened during that time frame. My parents were out to visit and we went to Orlando with them. What a wonderful trip and time spent with GeeGee and Gamps. We spent the time at a wonderful resort and we also went to SeaWorld. We really just kind hung out but it was a wonderful Mom-cation. My parents have been such a wonderful support all of my life and continue to be with my children. I am truly blessed.

We have been a little stressed over the course of the last 2 months after we attended Paul's well baby visit and the alarm was sounded that he is in the 2nd percentile for height and weight. (The Dr was not our normal Dr) They told me to start pushing solids and just stuff the poor boy. That would have been all fine and dandy if he was ready for it. We had an appointment 2 weeks later. The growth was not what they wanted to see. So we were scheduled to come back in another 2 weeks. Well that was a Monday and then that following Sunday he caught a nasty stomach empting bug that percisted all day Sunday and continued into Monday. We called and got an appointment at his normal peditrician. Since they were so concerned with his weight and possible onset of dehydration they wanted to admit him but the only place that can run the tests was either Savannah or Charleston. Each one is about an hour and a half from the house. We knew we would be there at least over night so I called a friend to take Bella. She is actually my lifesaver as I am very particular about who watches my babies. I was completly comfortable with her watching her my only problem is I missed her too much. We arrived at MUSC Childrens Hospital in Charleston about 2 in the afternoon. We then spent the next 4 days there having test run which have all returned normal or negative. He was diagnosied as Failure to Thrive. What does that mean? Well to my baby it just means that he fell off the growth chart. They have no reasons to explain the fall but he has been gaining weight just not fast enough to maintain his position on the chart. He is hitting all of his milestones developmentally speaking but is just small. We have had 2 appointments in the last 2 weeks since being home with each one not returning the weight gain they want to see. He is eating solids now like a champ but will not take a bottle or sippy cup with the fortified formula. We are still trying but he only wants mommy. We are on a two weeks until our next appointment and they want to see a gain of 10 oz. We are hoping to make it at least close to that. If not we may be back up to MUSC. I will try and keep everybody more up to date.

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